About Me


My name is Sarah I am a Photography and Video graduate from De Montfort University and am passionate for all things photography and video!

I am currently a freelance photographer as I enjoy doing something different each day, meeting new people and traveling around the country.

During 2020 I was fortunate to take an Erasmus year and study in Valencia, Spain, here I was able to learn more about editing and working with creative people in a new and exciting environment.

​I love photography and the feeling it gives me when I am standing behind the camera. The earliest memory I have of taking pictures was on the little disposable cameras, never able to see the pictures but always winding the little wheel ready to take the next picture, usually of something completely random.

​I got my first proper DLSR camera for my 16th birthday after years of taking pictures with my mum's old Sony Cyber shot camera with the slide screen.

​ Since stepping into the studio at University I find that this is the place I want to continue to be creative, exploring portraiture, fashion and product photography.